FBI Scareware

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The FBI Warning is a Hoax; Don’t Pay!

FBI LogoA friend recently sent a link to an article about the FBI warning that’s been going around. If you get it you will get a full screen warning with the FBI logo (left) displayed.  The article mentioned deserves a read for an explanation of this attempt to extort payment for defiling computers.  It seemed appropriate to submit a response to let the public know what could be done to get rid of it as follows.

I’ve been seeing the FBI malware for months and using the following process to get rid of it.
Restart, tap on F8 to get the startup menu;

In Xp choose safe mode with command prompt;

  • Log in as Administrator;
  • Type in the following;
  • Press <enter> to start System Restore;
  • In System Restore select the Next button;
  • Choose a date on the calender in bold before the FBI warning, then Next again;
  • Your date chosen will be confirmed;
  • Launch restoration;
  • Upon return to the desktop, Download, install, update and run Malwarebytes to do malware cleanup.

With Vista or Windows 7 (after tapping on F8),

  • Select Repair My Computer from the startup menu;
  • You will be asked for your keyboard (accept the default) and login (Administrator account is locked here) to your usual account;
  • From the menu of repair options, choose System Restore;
  • When restore points are displayed you can get more displayed by picking the checkbox under the list;
  • After System Restore completes download, install, update, and run Malwarebytes.

If System Restore has no restore points available, you will need to remove the hard drive and scan it in another system. I use a system dedicated to the task of fixing these kinds of problems and keep a full image backup in case of infection.

When your computer has returned to normal function, you may think you are done, but first you should update your antivirus and run that.

Then clear your System Restore files (another involved process), so you can’t go back to having a problem or try to use restore points that have lost corrupt files to either the antivus or Malwarebytes.

Now restart and turn System Restore back on.