Policies of Affordable Laptop Service

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Comment Policies

  • Comment spam have become such an administrative waste of time that comments have been permanently discontinued.
  • Please note that the appropriate place for inquiries is the email form on the Contact page.

Copyright Policies

  • All original content and/or text and graphics on Affordable Laptop Service are copyrighted, unless specifically noted otherwise.
  • Graphics, links, or functions from, or referring to other sites are the rightful material from those entities and will be removed if they request.
  • Material on this site may be printed for personal and educational use or quoted online as long as credit is given or a link back from other sites. .
  • All Rights Reserved. Copying and dissemination is prohibited without permission of the copyright owners.
  • For more information see US Copyright Code.

Links Policies

  • The only new links accepted must be from sites with related content. The only exceptions will be our own affiliate or client sites.
  • Affordable Laptop Service is not interested in 3-way links.
  • The return link to our site must be on a page that can be accessed from the home page (though not necessarily on the home page) of the site linked back to Affordable Laptop Service.
  • Some particularly useful links from our site will be in the Resource column on the Home page rather than the Links page.
  • The Resource column on our Home page is advertising space which may be bid for. As such, links placed there freely may migrate to the Links page if space becomes a premium.

Sales Policies

Remote transactions may take place through the secure environment at PayPal.

Purchases can go more smoothly:
  • A PayPal account with a “validated” address can improve delivery service.
  • Affordable Laptop Service ships via FedEx, UPS, or USPS.
  • Overnight shipping is available; look for it at checkout.
  • Insurance is recommended to protect your purchace.
  • Currently serving valid street addresses in the continental US.
If a return becomes necessary:
  • It must be arranged through PayPal.
  • A Return Authorization Number is required for appropriate credit.
  • Should include all original packaging.
  • May involve a restocking fee.

Service/Payment Policies

  • Payment is due when service is performed unless prior arrangements are made.
  • Other terms, such as by retainer or monthly maintenance are available.
  • We all make mistakes. A check that does not clear will be presented to the client to redeem before being processed for collection.
  • Clients paying with a check which has not cleared will also be responsible for any fees charged by the bank.
  • Collection efforts requiring documention (statements, emails, faxes to counsel, etc.) will be added to the claim for compensation at the same rate as service.
  • Collection efforts requiring personal appearance (before court, arbitrator, etc.) will be added to the claim for compensation at the same rate as service and will include travel time.
  • Clients will be notified when service is complete on systems taken in or dropped off for service.
  • Warranty for off-site service (10 business days) will begin when the client is notified that the system is ready.
  • Warranty for parts or a system is 20 business days from the date of purchase.
  • Warranties do not apply until payment is received.
  • Unrelated problems do not involve warranty service.
  • Systems unclaimed for 30 calendar days after service is complete will be considered abandoned and may be claimed by Affordable Laptop Service.
  • Any legal fees required to collect for services will be added to the total. If it becomes necessary to seek legal help to collect for service, the minimum added to a claim will be $25.