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Laptops are each a different Chinese puzzle. A price list is therefore difficult. The rate on laptops brought in for repair is $30/hr. It usually takes around an hour to an hour and a half to change out a screen (2 for a Mac), 2 for a mainboard or processor, and 3 for a dc power jack. A dc jack is usually inexpensive (under $25 on ebay). To get a more specific estimate, call (321-720-7705) to describe your problem.
For virus removal of either desktop or laptop the rate is the same; $30/hr if you bring it in. As for how long it will take depends on how intractable the virus/spyware happens to be and how fast your system can run the necessary scans. Sometimes simply rolling the system back before the threat took hold can fix something in under a half hour. Other times even completely scanning your hard drive with another computer (after all other measures failed) won’t fix the system and it becomes necessary to reload Windows to a separate folder (eg; WINDOWZ) so your files aren’t lost by wiping out the drive. Most systems can be purged of threats in an average of 2 hours.
If your system comes here, more can be done for less since other projects can also be worked on while yours is being scanned. You are welcome to attend the process as it unfolds if we can schedule a mutually convenient time.